Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Carrot Cake and A Cup of Coffee

As I sit here indulging in this piece of cake the thought has come and strike me again .. What if I have chosen a different path . Dam . Who knew that carrot cake could be this serious . 

Well technically it wasnt the carrot cake . But as my corporate friends left me for work ... I could only think of the what ifs . 

I may or may not regret my decisions in life only time will tell ... However I'm not going to tell myself not to waste my time anymore wondering about the what ifs . 

What has been done it's all in the past now . 

This seems like an end of the year post all off a sudden ... Which brings up the topic of ... "Can't believe this year is going to come to an end so soon " don't we all say that every year ? 

But oh how my life has changed in the past . Met new and also loss people . Traveled to many places . Cried and laughed . 
Oh such a heavy post for me to type everything out . 
Time for me to live in the moment and stop looking in the past . 
Oh it's just one of those dam emo days . 

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