Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Carrot Cake and A Cup of Coffee

As I sit here indulging in this piece of cake the thought has come and strike me again .. What if I have chosen a different path . Dam . Who knew that carrot cake could be this serious . 

Well technically it wasnt the carrot cake . But as my corporate friends left me for work ... I could only think of the what ifs . 

I may or may not regret my decisions in life only time will tell ... However I'm not going to tell myself not to waste my time anymore wondering about the what ifs . 

What has been done it's all in the past now . 

This seems like an end of the year post all off a sudden ... Which brings up the topic of ... "Can't believe this year is going to come to an end so soon " don't we all say that every year ? 

But oh how my life has changed in the past . Met new and also loss people . Traveled to many places . Cried and laughed . 
Oh such a heavy post for me to type everything out . 
Time for me to live in the moment and stop looking in the past . 
Oh it's just one of those dam emo days . 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Penang not the usual trip ...

It's normal for us studying up North to drop by Penang whenever we want to , midweek , or every weekend be it for better food , birthday parties or like I used to say civilization ... 

I can say for the past 5 years of studying here I've been to Penang more than I can count for .

But it has been a while since I explored Penang ... the last probably was during my foundation days that was 4 years ago .... I got the chance to do some Penang exploring when a friend from KL decided to drop by for the long weekend 

Despite being really hot ... I think it was a weekend well spent and this probably being the "last" time I go to Penang before leaving for Alor Star ... Happy I could explore Penang once again . 

New World Park .. Always a good place to start for a late lunch ... By the time my friend reached Penang it was already past 3 . 

We over ordered since we were both hungry and it was the first meal in Penang . 
As usual I almost always order their yam cake . 

It was pretty late by the time we were done eating , went around Feringhi area . On the way back made a put stop by Gurney for their Rojak .  

For supper we had zhap fan or mixed rice ... I don"t know who else eats mixed rice for supper other than Penangites ... And this shop only opens at night. 

Good memories of this zhap fan as the last time I had this was 3 years ago from another Penang food spree trip :3
After a heavy supper ... What else to do but to wake up early to continue eating the next morning .

It's been a while since I ate apom of this kind . I miss it already . Think I'm going to be addicted to it . Famous Claypot Apom manis at Pulau Tikus . So good I was told I had to wait 1/2 hour to get this and it was only past 7 am . 

Went a bit further to try Hokkien mee and mee goreng at Bangkok Lane .

After the crazy heavy breakfast we decided to walk around the Botanical Garden. Shameless to say it was my first time there. After all these years . :3 

After walking breakfast off ... We decided to have uhmm ... Post breakfast (heh) .. at Big Ben since it was nearby. 

Plenty of fruit stalls at Botanical Garden which were selling fresh fruits and juices ... Wish there were more places like these in KL that aren't at crazy marked up prices . 

After that we went to Heritage Row ... Where we got to take pictures with all the famous murals on the wall . Pretty ... I've seen them before but well it never dawned to me to take pictures with it (heh :3) but nonetheless it was pretty fun .


China house . 

How is it that I have never been here ? 
I'm in love with this place . 

I"ve heard so many things about it , seen it before but I have never stepped foot in it . How is that possible ? 

I was like a kid in a candy store . Look at the cakes :O

Finally tried their Tiramisu. Mmm :) 

Lemon curd cake ? 

So coming back here .

Ending with a pic of the famous air itam laksa ... Last picture I took before my phone battery died :3 .

Aah well I"m probably 3 times heavier than I was before I embarked on this trip but not guilty that I had way too much to eat . 

This is definitely not the last eating trip . 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back in Campus

So I've been back on campus for nearly a week now . 
Should have just extended my holidays cause classes haven't even started yet.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Inspiration : Cara Delevingne

I never understood the hype .... until now . Love . So pretty and she's crazy <3333

Thursday, August 29, 2013

KL Bound | London | Visuals

Well I'm back again after 3 glorious weeks of holidays .. I finally have the time to blog .

This has been in my draft for a while now that it seems kind of irrelevant to post anymore. Or maybe I've just lost my blogging mojo for Europe . The hype of it all has died down.  

But here I am since I've already uploaded some pictures weeks ago might as well just post it up.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

After Weeks and Weeks of Studying

I was about to put up some midweek visuals .. or more like visuals from the past month or so .. but realized nothing was quite worthy .
As I browsed through my entire album it was basically just food .
I kind loss my food mojo these past few weeks.

On the other hand .. finally last day . In a few hours time I'll be sitting for my clinical exam.

OSCE the most intense and nerve wrecking 4 hours of my life .

I should really be studying. But that's what I've been saying for the past few hours.